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Campaign for wool

Australian Wool. Australian Jobs. Australia’s Future.

With less manufacturing in Australia, current trade tensions and the impact of bushfires, COVID and drought on our hard-working Australian sheep farmers, the future of the wool industry is in innovation.

We need to bring wool processing back to Australia. No longer can we rely on offshore scouring and processing of Aussie wool.


Manufacturing back in Australia


Jobs for Australians

Supply Chain

Secure Australia's supply chains


Build stronger rural communities

”We need to have food and fibre value adding and processing here in this country”

The nation’s farm lobby has called for governments to revive domestic manufacturing and processing amid concerns the agriculture industry relies too heavily on countries like China.
It wants state and federal governments to look at investing in food and fibre processing and has cited commodities such as wool and cotton.
Australia used to have a thriving wool processing industry, but the majority of wool is now sent overseas to be cleaned and spun into yarn.


National Farmers Association

Tony Mahar – Chief Executive Officer

National Farmers Federation